Triunity Music was formed in 2023 to highlight the musical career and compositions of Chris James Gootherts

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Mass of Reconciliation

Mass of Reconciliation was written as a contemplative mass in a modern style. This mass has since been adopted by many congregations and often used during Advent and Lent.

As a bonus there is an additional Gospel Acclimation to be used in Lent instead of Alleluia.

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Mass of the Martyrs

Mass of the Martyrs was written as a contemporary mass around the time that the 21 Libyan martyrs gave their lives for their Christian faith.

The testimony from those that have adopted Mass of the Martyrs is that the words and music flow well and the melodies are beautiful with a harmonic component that is very rich.

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VIDEOS of jazz concerts and performances


Mary's Song

This is the piece of music that I am most proud of! God truly inspired me for the original musical "The Christ Rhyme." This rendition is with a small chamber group that included oboe, flute, french horn, drums, bass, cello, keyboard strings, piano and a wonderful singer.

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Piano Christmas - Album

Piano Christmas was a best selling album when released in 1998. The album overlays winter nature sounds with mellow renditions of Christmas favorites. All solo piano pieces and original arrangements by Chris.

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Christian and Jazz Audio Collection

Chris James Gootherts has been a recording artist since the mid 1980's. Many of his solo and group recordings are available here for preview and purchase.

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Sheet music and script coming soon!

The Christ Rhyme Musical (Audio)

Audio download of an original musical with a small chamber group that included oboe, flute, french horn, tenor sax, drums, bass, cello, keyboard strings, piano, and incredible vocalists. 

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